Livu Wifi Issues

September 20th, 2011 § 2 comments

I have noticed an issue with Livu and wifi. Sometimes I can stream at a full 3.5Mbps over wifi, and other times I can barely get 500Kbps consistently out of the device. I tested two different routers, and both had the same issue. I then setup a test with a 1Mbps H264 encoding rate. Wifi would cap out arond 600Kbps. 3G did not exhibit the same issue. Also I noticed that Wifi would bounce around a lot. This leads me to believe there is an issue with Wifi on the iPhone 3GS/4. Someone also has said they have the same issue with the iPod Touch 4G.

I did some testing and found that the send function for a BSD socket is getting blocked for a long time. I dug out the TCP Control Block to calculate the usable send window. I know for a fact there is enough space in the TCP buffers to send out the data. Something else is going on in the iOS kernel. I will have to do some profiling with the iOS 5 SDK as the new Instruments has a network profiling module. Unfortunately I will not be able to install iOS 5 until it is released.

Further testing has shown this problem is mostly with TCP. When using UDP there is some packet loss, but for the most part the stream stays together.

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