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January 15th, 2012 § 0 comments

Recently I have been asked when I am going to release an update with the feature request list that I posted way back in August. I did get to some of the items in the list. While I was getting ready to start work on some of the more involved features I was approached by several companies to come and work for them. After some long thought on working for someone I decided to take a position with TokBox. This was not an easy decision as Licensing my code was and still is going good. However, what TokBox is doing with their OpenTok API was just too interesting to pass up. Right now I am trying to complete some loose ends with a few clients I had prior to my employment. Once that is done I will start putting in some time with Livu. Keep in mind that if you really want a custom version of Livu that you can still license my code base. Here is the old list with a few comments added

  • Auto restart – Done
  • Multiple profiles – Internal support is done
  • Audio / Video only – Done
  • Better feedback – Not done
  • Remote control via a web interface – Not sure if I will ever do this.
  • 640×480 over cellular – I will give it a shot with the next release
  • Streaming of prerecorded content – Not sure if I will get to this anytime soon.
  • Mixing of Live and prerecorded content – See above

The main feature that has been requested over the past few months is the ability to launch Livu with the settings set for the user. I really want to build an API where by Livu would prompt the user to enter in a URL, user name and password. Livu will then connect to the URL and get the configuration settings for the user. Additionally the app would ‘auto brand’. In other words I would grab a set of images for branding the application to the site. As this feature will take some time I am going to write in a temporary solution. The next version will contain a URL scheme allowing web sites and other iPhone apps to launch Livu with the stream settings. As an basic example: live://myapp/?host= There will be more options then this, but this gives you the idea. A web page could embed this in a web page. When the user taps the url it would open up Livu with the settings. This could also be used in a NSUrl in another iPhone app to launch Livu. If you have any suggestions please email at the address listed on my home page.

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