Features And No Time

April 22nd, 2012 § 0 comments

As some of you know I just do not have a lot of time to put work into Livu. Livu was never really intended to be an end user application. I wrote it with the specific purpose of licensing the code. However, it has come to my attention that there are quite a few people that use it (I rarely check my iTunesConnect account). It seems many of you want RTMP support. So I am going to do this for you. The first release will not support Adobe authentication, so if you need this send me a message (preferably over email). For the tech minded I will roll my old RTMP code back into Livu via a custom build of FFmpeg and librtmp. I took it out a long time ago in favor of supporting the open RTMP/RTP standard, and also to free me from the confines of TCP only. So once again my wish list of what will go into Livu in the next release.

  • Launch support from web apps and other applications.
  • RTMP support (once again).
  • HTTP tunneling of RTSP/RTP.
  • Auto rotation of the video image for portrait streaming (mostly done).
  • Dynamic resolution changes mid stream.
  • Use of RTCP RR packets to control the encoding bit rate.

And in the future future.

  • New audio engine for supporting different AAC profiles and Speex support.
  • HTTP tunneling of RTMP.


I do apologize to the users of Livu for the very untimely updated. I hope you can understand that I work hard for my employer, and then I have other obligations to handle in my off time. I will make a real effort to sit down and write some of these features in.

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