Livu 1.2.2

May 28th, 2012 § 0 comments

I have pushed version 1.2.2. to the store. This is a minor update. It includes the following.

  • Auto rotate streams to support any device orientation.
  • Fixed H.264 bitstream issue for Flash players.
  • Black and White and Blur filter (More filters to come soon).
  • Removed TCP auto bit rate. This feature was totally broken, and hard to maintain the current implementation.

The next release will have the URL based app launching and configuration. I ran into some issues that will require I rewrite some of the configuration. I will also be including a new preview window along with a video effects list. I do have a branch creating a RTMP stream. However, there is something terribly wrong going on with the H.264 bit stream and FFmpeg/librtmp. When I have time I will look closer at this issue.

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