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August 23rd, 2011 § 4 comments

I am at a point where I feel comfortable releasing Livu with the new RTP library. I am going to start working on the following features:

  • Auto restart – Will attempt to restart the stream if a network error occurs.
  • Multiple profiles – You can configure multiple named profiles.
  • Audio / Video only – Streaming of audio or video only.
  • Better feedback – The messages will give you more information (e.g. Bad User/Pass and not Stream Error)
  • Remote control via a web interface.
  • 640×480 over cellular – Assuming this passes approval by Apple.
  • Streaming of prerecorded content *
  • Mixing of Live and prerecorded content **

* Streaming of prerecorded content will require a some work on my part. Sense I have removed FFmpeg from my project I will have to write the code to do this myself. It is not hard work, but it will require me to write some tedious parsing code.


** Assuming I complete the prerecorded content streaming, then this will follow after. I don’t see this feature as much of a problem to implement.


Another feature I will be working on is a site configuration “API”. This will allow Livu users to only have to specify a host, user name and password. Livu will then call to the domain to log the user in. The response will be streaming parameters for Livu. This work will be done after the major features requests are complete and in the store.


It’s time for a new WP theme I think.

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  • samentha says:

    Good to know your RTP library is working on iPhone! Will you open source the RTP library you working on to public? im sure lots of people are seeking way to do real time media stream from iPhone!

    • Steve says:

      It is not my RTP library. I ended up using a BSD licensed RTP library written by Collin Perkins. I have added TCP interleave support (i.e. RTP over RTSP/TCP) into the library. I will at some point put it up on github to make it broadly available. It will continue to be BSD licensed. I really need to think about a few interface decisions before I release it. I would prefer not to upset people using the library by making interface changes for each push.

      On a side note. When and if I get the time I will be gutting the library in order to use C blocks and GCD. This will allow things such as: Instead of polling for incoming RTCP packets they will be passed to a block as they arrive. The same would occur when streaming data into the application. Essentially data IO would use a push model rather then a output push input pull model.

  • vlad says:

    Steve, can you provide url of the RTP library written by Colin Perkins ?

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