You can direct your email to "support" at this domain.

Supported servers

Technically Livu should work with any server that supports RTSP as a H.264 video publishing protocol. This includes Wowza Media Server. Currently I am only supporting issues with Wowza Media Server. You may contact me if you have problems with other servers, but I will require that you give me publishing access to your server. For security, Livu supports basic RTSP authentication.

Power efficiency

As with any application that makes heavy use of the iPhone hardware, the battery drain will be more significant then with most apps.

H.264 Encoding

Livu uses the native hardware H.264 encoder. At the time of release of version 1.1. FFmpeg is used as a RTSP library. This will change very soon.


Currently Livu does not support multitasking. Once Livu enters the background it has no idea when it will be restarted. During the process of entering into the background the audio and video resources need to be released back to the system. The network connection will also be terminated.

Phone calls and text messages

When a phone call or text message is received the iPhone suspends the application. When this occurs Livu will stop capturing and streaming video. Livu will start broadcasting as soon as you decline the phone call or dismiss the text message. If you decide to answer the phone call or reply to the text message then Livu will stop running, and you will have to restart the application to broadcast.


Enable BASIC authentication in the RTSP section for stream publishing. Future versions may support DIGEST.

Connection issues

The first thing you should check is if you can access your server through a browser, or at the very least ping it's IP address. Next try accessing it over both Wifi and the cellular network. The next step is to check if any other software can connect. If you are using authentication, make sure the server your user name and password is correct. If you have confirmed it is working but still can't connect, then please contact me. If possible set up a test account that I can access.

Stream delay

The stream delay should be very minimal. It is recommended you use a Wowza aplication type of rtp-live-lowlatency. You should see round trip times of less then two seconds using the default settings. Also make sure you account for client player buffering when timing. When using TCP it is possible that you are streaming at a higher bit rate then the connection can handle. If this is the case then delay will be created in the stream.

Critical Error

Something really bad happened. I suggest you fully restart Livu. Make sure Livu is not frozen in the background. Serious internal audio/video errors occurred in rare curcumstances during testing. Livu catches these errors and notifies you rather then crashing. It is possible to continue on running, but the app will be very unstable and will more then likely crash.


If Livu crashes I ask that when you sync your iPhone you allow iTunes to send in your crash report. These crash reports are vital for me to know the state of the application when it crashed. Without this I am simply guessing as to what happened.